I have been given a list of latitude and longitude coordinates in a .csv file and asked to plot them on a map. There are multiple other columns of data about each point included in the excel file.

I'm using QGIS to try to project them, but the procedures I have found both on this website, and on others have not given me the answer I need. I have plenty of experience geocoding addresses on a list in an excel sheet, but have not had to plot coordinates before. I've imported the list as a Delimited Text Layer, then saved it as a shapefile. However the points do not project.

Is there a step I'm missing, or a plugin I need to acquire to get this done?

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    To geocode means to turn a text description of a location into something numerical (e.g. a coordinate pair). "Reverse geocoding" is the inverse of that. What you want is neither geocoding, nor reverse geocoding. So, first what do you mean by "project"? Feb 26, 2020 at 22:55
  • I need the points to show up on the map, similar to how a list of addresses geocoded will produce a set of points. But instead of addresses, I have latitude and longitude coordinates.
    – Gordon
    Feb 26, 2020 at 22:57
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When adding your points from a CSV, it is good practice to set the CRS unless your coordinates are in the same project's CRS.

enter image description here

This should solve your problem. If not, please share a line of you CSV and the coordinate system you are using.

I hope this helps.

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