At 3.10.3, adjusting a polygon layer's opacity affects both the fill and the outer boundary stroke simultaneously, as shown in this screenshot:

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I want to separately adjust the fill and boundary opacity. The only way I've been able to accomplish this is to draw the layer twice, once for the fill and once for the boundary.

Is it possible to separately adjust the fill and boundary within a single layer?

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If you select Simple Fill instead of Fill in the dialog, you will be able to change fill (Fill color) and stroke (Stroke color) independently:

enter image description here

To set the opacity, click on the small down-arrow to the right of the Fill color / Stroke color area and use the slider below the colour circle to adjust the transparency / opacity. See the screenshot below, where the cursor is on the slider.

enter image description here

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    Adjusting the opacity is done with a slider below the color circle when you open the fill color or stroke color selection.
    – user30184
    Feb 27, 2020 at 11:14
  • @user30184 Perfect, that's it! My eyes were looking for a slider bar like the one shown in my OP, and they missed the different style that you pointed out.
    – Stu Smith
    Feb 27, 2020 at 14:55

When you click on Simple fill you're able to set the fill color opacity and stroke color opacity separately ... doesn't it fit your needs ?

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