I'm trying to make a map with mapbox with markers and popups. I have followed this tutorial : https://docs.mapbox.com/help/tutorials/add-points-pt-1/ to make it. Everything works perfectly except that in my popups the title and description are not recognized and undefined is returned. Here is my JavaScript code for the map :

function loadMap(){
            mapboxgl.accessToken = 'pk.eyJ1IjoibWludXRlZHJvbmUiLCJhIjoiY2s3MG1odjA4MDA0ZzNlbXJ5bjc1NnVuaCJ9.AanASXPAN4OBCBmeTALlPA';
            var map = new mapboxgl.Map({
            container: 'mapCarte', // container id
            style: 'mapbox://styles/minutedrone/ck70mem4a094n1intfzjpjsjv?optimize=true', // stylesheet location
            center: [2.859051, 47], // starting position [lng, lat]
            zoom: 5 // starting zoom
            map.addControl(new mapboxgl.NavigationControl());
            map.on('click', function(e) {
                  var features = map.queryRenderedFeatures(e.point, {
                    layers: ['markers']

                  if (!features.length) {

                  var feature = features[0];
                  var popup = new mapboxgl.Popup({ offset: 25 })
                    .setHTML('<h3 class="h3map">' + feature.properties.title + '</h3><p>' + feature.properties.description + '</p>')
            map.on('mouseenter', 'markers', function() {
                map.getCanvas().style.cursor = 'pointer';
            map.on('mouseleave', 'markers', function() {
                map.getCanvas().style.cursor = '';

And the result :


This is the console log of the feature and my json. We can see that the informations are not the same while I did exactly the same as the tutorial.

{    ep {type: "Feature", _vectorTileFeature: ss, properties: {…}, id: 27, layer:{…}, …} geometry: Object type: "Feature" _vectorTileFeature: ss {properties: {…}, extent: 4096, type: 1, _pbf: Zs, _geometry: 65285, …} properties: __proto__: Object id: 27 layer: {id: "markers", type: "symbol", source: "composite", source-layer: "markers", layout: {…}} source: "composite"
sourceLayer: "markers" state: {} _geometry: {type: "Point", coordinates: Array(2)} __proto__: Object    }

Json code of a point :

{   "type": "Feature",  "properties": {    "title": "Brest","description":"<a>href='/formation/telepilote-drone-brest'>Accéder à la formation</a>"  },  "geometry": { "coordinates": [-4.497861,48.389469], "type": "Point"  }}

There is a missing quote in your json file > properties.description right before your < a > tag

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