Are there any tools or methods that allow QGIS analyze whether the lots/parcels have been untouched or developed, and return a "1" or "0" to a table or points layer or anything?

I was thinking more into simple shape recognition, like a driveway(2 parallel lines) or a rectangle (dwelling of sorts) or by colors: green/brownish(untouched), silver-ish (developed,) or by a differential of "most of area in one color" and a spot with a "different color". The lots-layer has an attribute table with areas, id, etc. and overlaid with Google Maps/Bing, etc. (see attached pic)


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There are a number of different plugins available to do Change Detection within QGIS3, such as PCA4CD and Three-D Change Detection.

There are also built-in algorithms such as the SAGA Change Detection algorithm.

You can also perform change detection manually.

Finally, see this question which addresses what you want to do: What is Change Detection and how I can perform such analysis with open source tools?

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