I read the: "Subscript labels in QGIS legends" thread.
I would like to follow up on this for nautical notations.

One Z-value, when displayed, must be displayed in normal script and subscript.
For example: If you want to display the value 9,3 it is supposed to be displayed in the nautical notation as: normal script: 9 subscript: 3

Is there a way to format the label of the value in this manner? Note that heights above datum have an underscore under the whole digits.

how i display it now[![][1]]2


I solved it like this.
It's not elegant, but it works.
The label displays a value called "VALSOU"

  • Set labels to "rule based"
  • Made two labels: 1 called "whole", 1 called "decimal"
  • no expressions set as rule
  • text for label "whole":
    if(to_int( "VALSOU") > "VALSOU",(to_int( "VALSOU") -'1'),to_int("VALSOU"))
    This killed of the decimal from the whole number. I added the -1 because the [to_int(] rounds of the number. Without it 5.6 becomes 6 and then I'm off by a meter in my chart.

  • text for label "decimal":

    WHEN to_int("VALSOU")>"VALSOU" THEN to_int(("VALSOU"-(to_int("VALSOU")-'1'))'10')
    WHEN to_int("VALSOU")< "VALSOU" THEN to_int(("VALSOU" - (to_int("VALSOU")))

This killed of the whole number and displays the decimal as a whole number.

After this it's a matter of changing the position of the label "whole" and "decimal" relative to the geometry and eachother. the end result

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One idea would be creating a point layer of your labels. The regular underlined value would be a label and the subscript could be a font marker. You can create an expression in Character(s) to input the desired value.

Moving your anchor points of the font marker:

enter image description here

and the quadrant placement of your label:

enter image description here

can create the effect of a subscript. The following image has been made using this method.

enter image description here

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