I used

gdalbuildvrt C:\Users\Vector_district.vrt D:\177_SwissImage_10cm_2017_190410\2548\*.ecw

trying to create a vrt. The console gives back following error for each file in the folder:

ERROR 4: `D:\177_SwissImage_10cm_2017_190410\2548\file.ecw' not recognized as a supported file format. Warning 1: Can't open D:\177_SwissImage_10cm_2017_190410\2548\file.ecw. Skipping it

When I use an other folder with .tif files it works perfectly.

How do I have to adapt my code to create a vrt with .ecw-files?


The issue is likely that your version of GDAL was not installed with support for ECW files.

You can install a version that does by following the suggestions in this answer.

  • I tried to install the .ecw-plugin from the link in your mentioned answer. Somehow it didn't work. But now I updated my QGIS-version from 3.4 to 3.12 and it works.
    – Qmountain
    Mar 2 '20 at 8:03

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