I am trying to map out Montreal and was wondering if there is already an existing polygon shapefile of all the neighborhoods. Here is a link to a perfect example of what I am looking for.


If I can get that in shapefile format, it would save me a lot of time!

Thank you!


I have two ideas:

  1. Check out the Statistics Canada site for .shp downloads. It looks like "Census Subdivisions" is what you are after, although there may be more detailed products there.
  2. An alternative is to use the ArcGIS basemaps in ArcMap (File > Add Data > Add Base Map > National Geographic). These are great for displaying down to the street level in detail (including neighborhoods)

enter image description here

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    In this data is everything but neighborhoods. Look at your map at google: "Kirkland" ("Kirkland is an on-island suburb on the Island of Montreal in southwestern Quebec, Canada.") - google description. It lays probably by Pierrefonds - which is neighborhood - and not found in this data. And so on... – Peter.k Feb 22 '18 at 20:43

Some open-data options:

Flickr Shapefiles: http://code.flickr.net/2011/01/08/flickr-shapefiles-public-dataset-2-0/

OpenStreetMap Metro Extracts: http://metro.teczno.com/


Commercial provider Maponics has well over 100 neighborhoods for Montreal.


This is years after the question was asked, but open data has made big progress since.

Directly from the City of Montreal website, the borough (arrondissements) polygons are available in different formats here.


I found this boroughs shapefile of the Montreal 2016 boroughs through ESRI:


If you are planning on grabbing the shapefile, click "Open in ArcGIS Desktop" then "Open in ArcMap". I exported the whole shapefile into a new shapefile and it's manageable.

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