I have 4 thousand mosaic elements. So i would like to reduce their count. (for example to 1 thousand, merge every 4 elements) How can i do this? gdal_merge give me one big raster

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    Perhaps I do not understand what is your aim, but giving a short list of files that you want to merge for gdal_merge feels like a simple option. However, building a virtual raster with gdalbuildvrt is often a good alternative. – user30184 Mar 4 at 6:20
  • GDALBuildVRT gdal.org/programs/gdalbuildvrt.html will take an input file list -input_file_list my_list.txt, if you can export the file names (from windows dir *.tif /b /s > my_list.txt) then break up the list by file names by file names you can create small clusters; without knowing your source data, how it's named and where it's stored I can't be of much help. You could build a VRT for all the data and deal with a single file but refresh rates on very large VRT files is abominable and building overviews is very slow. – Michael Stimson Mar 4 at 6:48

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