I have an Oracle 18c/10.7.1 geodatabase with feature classes that have the following properties:

  • Unversioned
  • SDO_GEOMETRY datatype
  • Registered with the GDB

My organization plans to serve up the feature classes to a feature service/ArcGIS Server for on-premise/live-editing via ArcGIS Collector (not ArcGIS Online).

Do the feature classes need to be versioned in order for users to edit them via Collector?

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ArcGIS Server -> Enterprise or workgroup geodatabase-specific requirements

Versioned (traditional and branch) and nonversioned geodatabase data is supported in feature services. Esri recommends that you use nonversioned data in feature services because it scales better for editing. There are some complex data types (for example, network edges), however, that must be versioned before you can edit them through a feature service.

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