I want to run Jupyter Lab (Notebook) with ArcPy. I have ArcMap 10.7 with Python Version 2.7.15, Numpy=1.9.3, matplotlib=1.5.2.

I followed the instructions from the following link:

https://gisday.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/setting-up-anaconda-pysal-with-arcgis-python-environment/ and I have downloaded Anaconda 2 32-bit.

I can only run the Anaconda Powershell Prompt as an Administrator, but this option does not exist for the Anaconda prompt (I do not know whether this makes a difference...).

The problem I have occurs when running the command:

conda create -n arc107 python=2.7.15 numpy=1.9.3 matplotlib=1.5.2 pyparsing xlrd xlwt pandas scipy ipython ipython-notebook ipython-qtconsole

I get the following error: PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels: then it lists: matplotlib=1.5.2, ipython-notebook, ipython-qtconsole

I deinstalled Anaconda and reinstalled it again, but it does not work. I also did not get the thing running with Anaconda 3, 32-bit.

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We have some clues here that may help you

Using Anaconda modules from the ESRI python environment

(So sad I am retired and now "unknown user")


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