I've imported two shape files into Google Earth engine and am trying to combine them to form a feature collection. I do this using the code;

var ROI = ee.FeatureCollection([
ee.Feature(OSPAR_II.geometry(), {'id': 'OSPAR_II'}),
ee.Feature(OSPAR_III. geometry(), {'id': 'OSPAR_III'}) 

This seems to print fine, but when I try and add this layer to the map;

Map.addLayer(ROI, {}, 'ROI');

I get the error ROI: Layer error: Description length exceeds maximum.

What is causing this? I've done something similar before and never had this issue.

My code can be found here


You can merge your two FeatureCollections instead. I don't know why that works better, but it happily displays on the map.




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