I've migrated some 50,000 buildings from some crappy CAD environment into an SDE database. The problem is that the majority of the buildings is represented as lines, not polylines I.e. every wall is a single line feature.

Now I need to merge these features into polylines. I've been thinking about some ways to do this: check geometry, create topology rules, buffer and merge but it doesn't seem to work as expected. The buildings doesn't have a unique ID and some of them are adjacent to other buildings which makes it a bit harder.

Is there a best practice for these kinds of operations?

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    Have you tried Snap geoprocessing tool ("This tool is useful for cleaning up features that were not digitized using snapping or were imported from another format, such as CAD.") and/or Integrate? – BERA Mar 6 at 9:41
  • Well the end points are connected but they need to be merged into single features – user21070 Mar 6 at 9:53
  • Then use dissolve – BERA Mar 6 at 9:57
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    So all Buildings overlap? If not, just uncheck "Create multipart features". Add a screenshot to your question – BERA Mar 6 at 10:01
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    Great thanks, all done! – user21070 Mar 6 at 10:10
  1. Dissolve
  2. Spatial Join attributes from the split lines to the dissolved ones.
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