I need to convert a shapefile from Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection system (North Pole) to WGS84. When I use QGIS to do this, the lines that cross the anti-meridian cross over (horizontal black lines in the image). To avoid this, I found one solution that worked, which is clipping the region of interest and making sure the region I clipped does not include the -180 and 180 longitudes (the reason for distortion apparently), but is there an out-of-the-box tool in GDAL/OGR or to deal with this problem without doing manual clipping or having to program it myself?

Source projection (Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection): Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection (North Pole)

Target projection (WGS84) that looks distorted: Distorted map in WGS84.

Solution that worked for the region of interest:

projected region after clipping

The '-wrapdateline' option in ogr results in a similar but slightly different distorted output.

ogr -warpdateline output


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I've used the before for lines, not sure how it will work on Polygons:

ogr2ogr -wrapdateline output_file.shp input_file.shp



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