Does anyone know of a national layer?

I am looking for all courts (district, circuit, municipal, Superior, etc.) depending on the terminology used for the state for the USA.

Based on the answers provided and research I've done I don't believe this is available.


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Just a few clicks deeper I found this... text files will work and here is the shape file judicial_districts.shp

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If you mean state district courts, like these:

it seems like many of them use county boundaries, so it'd be something you could create from a national county layer if necessary.


I've found a shapefile of the 94 US District Court jurisdictions on the "Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD)" site.

I haven't found a GIS map of the Federal circuits, but there's an image of one on the United States courts of appeals Wikipedia page, as well as a text listing of the districts which each circuit comprises (It seems as though all districts in any state are in the same circuit, so it would be easier to have a list of states, but I haven't seen a list in that format.)

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