I have a data set that contains rainfall values for every 5 mins of a day in different rasters (each raster has rainfall for 5 minutes - ie 12*24 = 288 rasters per day). I want to overlay all the rasters together to get the rainfall for the entire day in one raster. all the rasters cover the same area (the UK). what is the best tool to do this? I have access to both QGIS and ARCGIS, but not sure if mosaicking all the rasters per day will give me the total rainfall, or if I should merge. What is the best way to get the total rainfall per day in raster format? Basically what I want is a functionality that will allow me to overlay all the rasters and sum the values for each overlapping point.

  • @user2856 Thank you for helping! Does that create a new raster with the total rainfall for each cell or merely displays the information? I need the totals to be in a new raster so that I can then extract the rainfall by constituency.
    – Yarak216
    Commented Mar 8, 2020 at 8:31

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You an use the ArcGIS Cell Statistics tool (requires Spatial Analyst extension) with the SUM statistic (or MAX if your 5min values are cumulative) to output a raster of the totals.

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