I'm working on a Qgis python module. I would like to apply a symbol on a layer by his name entry from the symbology database. I know that some defaults symbols are saved into a sqlite db (symbology-style.db) in table symbol. I have not found how to apply the style loaded from the db on the layer. Someone know ?


In the QGIS Python console, use the following code, comments in the code :

import os

# instance of the QGIS application
app = QgsApplication.instance()
# path to the user default directory symbology db
path_db = os.path.join(
# new QgsStyle object
sty = QgsStyle()
# load the db
# get a marker symbol by name
marker_symbol = sty.symbol("diamond red")

# active point layer
point_layer = iface.activeLayer()
# set the new marker symbol to the active layer
# refresh the symbology displayed in the canvas
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  • Perfect ! Thanks a lot ! – TrsBar Mar 10 at 16:20

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