In my job are currently looking for a ArcGIS free alternative, we try QGIS but ArcGIS reshape feature is very important for us when working with curves. What we do basically is:

We've a line as marked in the red square bellow;


then we select two point of that line as show in the next picture;

enter image description here

and the final result is the geometry reshaped as show in this final picture;

enter image description here

Is there any feature or plugin in QGIS for accomplish this behavior?

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In QGIS you have a reshape tool: Reshape Feature in the Advance Digitising Toolbar. This is the icon of the tool enter image description here

Like in ArcGIS, selecting the line that you want to reshape, use the tool to draw the new segment and right-click to confirm.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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