With the following line of code, I get a list of field names for the layer layer.

 fields = layer.fields().names()

However, I would like to get only those fields with the datatype Integer. How would I do that? I checked the class QgsFields but I don't see a function that relates to the datatype. Is there a way to do that?


By type name (typeName()):

int_types = ["Integer", "Integer64"]
int_fields = [field for field in iface.activeLayer().fields() if field.typeName() in int_types]

OR by type number (type()):

int_types = [2, 4] # 2: Integer, 4: Integer64
int_fields = [field for field in iface.activeLayer().fields() if field.type() in int_types]

Be careful. Type of some fields may be Integer64. Integer64 equals QVariant.LongLong actually, but it could be considered as integer.

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layer = iface.activeLayer()
intfields = [f for f in layer.fields() if f.typeName().startswith('Int')]

Found typeName here

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    Thanks that was very helpful! Sorry, finally I accepted Kadir's answer because it works even slightly better for me. – DGIS Mar 14 at 19:44

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