The intranet our company is using is combining shapes to form larger shapes. This is using code that is lost in the darkest realms of extremely bad practices, but for the most part it is okay.

However, we're having some issues if, say, two geometries touch each other, but their nodes do not exactly match. See the below example:

enter image description here

In this case, this is a straight line between nodes. Both shapes have shared nodes, which are in exactly the same place in the two shapes. However, between them, are nodes in two different places. The line formed between the two shared nodes is exactly the same between the two shared nodes, but there are "in-between" nodes in two different places.

This causes an error in the procedure which unions them (I think it's just STUnion, but again the code is pretty buried) but, if we were to manually remove the nodes in-between, then it works fine.

Is there a way in SQL to get the nodes to match up? Quite possibly by gravitating towards the nearest node? Then what do we do about duplicate nodes?

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