I have create a grid in QGIS. But I don't have coordinates, I would like to sketch on the basis of Google satelitte, that uses Pseudo Mercator projection. I tried GRASS mkgrid, but something went wrong.

ERROR: North must be larger than South, and other warnings.

I read many forums about Pseudo Mercator mistake, but I cannot find the solution. What are my options for useable method?

enter image description here

I tried this settings for fishnet

The create grid not solving for me, because necessary define number of rows and columns, therefore I need to use mkgrid


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If you just need a plain grid (no rotation or other fancy stuff), there is no need to use GRASS mkgrid.

Try the QGIS Create grid algorithm instead.

  1. Specify EPSG:3857 - WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator for Grid CRS
  2. Set the extent
    • using the canvas extent
    • using a layer extent
    • by selecting it on the canvas
    • by just supplying the numbers: xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax

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