I have a line layer in which the lines have several gaps.

enter image description here

How can I quickly close the gaps in QGIS 3.4?

Is there a tool or plugin available I haven't found yet?

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    Actually, this is by far not as trivial as you may think. Using your example, imagine a third line with a valid end point (meaning there should be a gap, for reasons) somewhere near one of those two you have drawn; how would you make any algorithm decide which gap to close? Do you have any common identifier for lines that should get connected? E.g. a road name, based on which a set of vertices can be connected to a single line? Or are there any attribute sequences used to determine line order? Are all lines digitized in a consistent direction?
    – geozelot
    Mar 16 '20 at 11:09
  • As geozelot notes this is not trivial. I did it many years ago in MapBasic on a sewer network using buffers on line endpoints looking for other lines startpoint within the buffer and also checking attributes identifying a sewer line like material and dimension. Got like a 90% match and the sewer company was happy. Don't know the Join multiple lines plugin, but is seems like a manual process selecting first what to be joined.
    – Jakob
    Mar 16 '20 at 17:04

The Join multiple lines plugin seems to do this:

After selecting multiple features of a line layer, this plugin can merge them into one feature with a continuous line. The plugin will automatically put the selected lines in a geographically logical order and direction. If the end points of two lines do not match exactly, a line segment between both points is added to make the end result a single, continuous line. The attributes of the new line will be those of one of the selected features, but one cannot predict which one.

  • After desperate trying different way to close gaps between only about six parts of a bike trail this was my rescue! The answer should much more appreciated!
    – user16032
    Sep 23 '20 at 11:10

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