I have a few .las files that I am trying to use further. They have some far away noise points that I removed using LAStools lasnoise. It seems like the noise points are removed, but the bounding box for the files stays as big as they were.

Lasnoise settings here:

lasnoise settings

I created a LAS dataset out of the files, and you can see the big bounding boxes compared to the point locations. How do I make the bounding box smaller for easier usage. Or should lasnoise automatically scale the bounding box and something is not working right?

bounding boxes in arcscene

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The file's header might not have been updated after removing the noisy points.

  1. In LAStools, run lasinfo and check minimums and maximums for x, y and z coordinates in the header's section of the report (it is the first report section: 'reporting all LAS header entries').

  2. Compare* them to the min. and max. coords from the point record section ('reporting minimum and maximum for all LAS point record entries ...'). *Multiply these for the scale factor and add the offset value, before comparing.

  3. Also, take a look at the end of the report. It will warn if the bounding box is correct, or if there is a problem with it. Here you can see what a report from lasinfo looks like.

  4. If coords do not match, run lasinfo again using the -repair parameter. It will fix (tight) the bounding box.

    lasinfo -i *.las -repair
  5. Open the repaired file in ArcScene and check results.

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