I am using require.js

// output of polygonString is
// {"spatialReference":{"latestWkid":3414,"wkid":3414},"rings":[[[18240.432900000364,43817.389900000766],[18214.047899999656,43880.139900000766],[18303.02390000038,43896.1548999995],[18316.83990000002,43898.6389000006],[18331.732900000177,43815.97389999963],[18247.076899999753,43800.71189999953],[18240.432900000364,43817.389900000766]]]}
var polygon = JSON.parse($parameters.polygonString)

I am trying to convert the JSON object to a ESRI Polygon object, I had tried the following:


//doesn't seems to work
var new_polygon = new window.ArcGIS.Polygon({
      fromJSON: polygon


//return fromJSON is not a function
var new_polygon = new window.ArcGIS.Polygon();

What is the correct way to use fromJSON?


The correct way would be,

var polyJson = JSON.parse($parameters.polygonString);
var poly = Polygon.fromJSON(polyJson);

Take a look here ArcGIS Docs - Using fromJSON

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  • great, it works.. cheers – Shi Xuan Mar 16 at 23:55
  • glad it help you! – cabesuon Mar 17 at 3:15

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