I am trying to take two separate columns of data and create a stacked label where the bottom line (Benzen_1Q_2019) will be red and a larger font, while the top line (Well_ID) will be a dark grey color and a smaller font. I have symbolized the labels already and am now working on using Python to change the color and the font size. I have gotten the majority of it done, but the one thing I am struggling with is the column (text field) I am using for the second line (Benzen_1Q_2019) has values that are either a whole number or (-) or <1. When I type out out the Python expression, it works correctly for the values that are either (-) or a whole number, but it does not work for the values that are <1.

Any tips for how to make this work correctly?

My expression:

[Well_ID] + '\n' + "<CLR red ='255'><FNT size ='7'>" + [Benzen_1Q_2019] + "</FNT></CLR>"

Attribute Table Python code and labels]2

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Per the Label Expression help, the < (less than) character is being evaluated as part of the expression. Thus your labels get confused.

You can do an inline replace on the the less than:

[Well_ID] + '\n' + "<CLR red ='255'><FNT size ='7'>" + [Benzen_1Q_2019].replace("<", "&lt;") + "</FNT></CLR>"

There are other approaches (see the previously mentioned doc)

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