I am trying to calculate the From and To fields in the line table. I have got a points shape and i have got a line shape. ( see for example the figure bellow.) The points( in red ) intersect with lines. My plan is to get the distance from points for the begin and end of the each line segment. I have tried spatialjoin but it gives only the distance but not giving +/- form the points location. I need to update each line with the 'ID'of the point + begin and end distance from that 'ID'point ( see the figure : in table i have updated 2 records manually). I think i am clear about what i want to do. What i have done is just measured the distance with measuring tool and updated the fields manually. I have more than 500 line segemnts. I think there must be a better way than this.
I am working with ArcMap 10.6

figure ( it's an example) : enter image description here

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This might solve it.

Run Feature Vertices To Points with the following parameters: in_features: your lines, out_featureclass: path to a fc with name like 'pts_start', point_location: 'START'

Run Generate Near Table in_features: your points, and near_features 'pts_end', out_table to 'pts_end_dist'

I think all the data you need to get the END point data is spread across the 4 datasets. Then it's a matter of joining the data (with the Add Join tool or the layer context menu) and running a Calculate Field to create a single value and put it into your field named 'TO'.

If that works, repeat for the FROM value.

  • Thanks for trying to solve the issue. I tried your solution but its not producing the desired results to me. Genearate Near Table gives the distances(start_pts and end_pts) but not gives the + or - from the points ( red in figure ). For example for start_pts line 4 ( green line in figure ), i am getting distance from point "ZCA2". But instead i want to get from "ZBA1" .
    – Ram
    Commented Mar 22, 2020 at 13:28

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