Using QGIS I was trying to copy a 2 part feature into another shapefile as a single entity. I was able to create a single feature Single feature

the way I wanted it. I then attempted to copy and paste it into the ultimate destination layer but it then split/exploded into several separate features. Split feature

as can be seen by each one being labelled. The individual features are all separate in the attribute table. The other feature in the screen shot is as I expected to see the new feature. I have repeatedly attempted various approaches but when the result is the same. I am sure I must have done this successfully before. I have only recently started using 3.4.15-Madeira on Mac Catalina so the problem might lie there.

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Ok, the curse of the trainer applies to forums...... I solved it by selecting the errant features in the target layer and Merge. I had been attempting it the other way around.

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