I have different figures created in my Django project.(icon with text, point,circle etc) but I try to create a simple popup with the coordinates when I click the mouse but I have a error:

My code is from an example, seen here

var map = new ol.Map({
    target: 'map',
    layers: [
        new ol.layer.Tile({
            source: new ol.source.OSM()
    view: new ol.View({
        center: ol.proj.transform([-0.92, 52.96], 'EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:3857'),
        zoom: 6

var popup = new ol.Overlay.Popup();

map.on('click', function(evt) {
    var prettyCoord = ol.coordinate.toStringHDMS(ol.proj.transform(evt.coordinate, 'EPSG:3857', 'EPSG:4326'), 2);
    popup.show(evt.coordinate, '<div><h2>Coordinates</h2><p>' + prettyCoord + '</p></div>');

I get this error:

Uncaught TypeError: ol.Overlay.Popup is not a constructor.

when trying to create --> var popup = new ol.Overlay.Popup();


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You have not mentioned what are the javaScript and css files you have used in your page.

By looking at the error ol.Overlay.Popup is not a constructor, I understand that you have included only the openlayers basic javaScript and css.

For using the Popup functionality, you need to include the ol-ext.js and ol-ext.css in you page.

You can download the Openlayers extension from here.

I have tested your code after including the above files. It worked fine.

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