I have a geoprocessing service in ArcGIS for Server 10.1.

I would like to share this service with a number of external organisations that also have ArcGIS Server 10.1.
i.e I dont want them hitting my service, but for them to have the ability to easily re-publish the service at their end.

Ideally, I would like to bundle this into a simple installer, which prompts end-user for some admin credentials to ArcGIS Server, and then makes use of a python script to publish the service via the new ArcGIS Server Administration API.

However - To publish a GP service, the help states:

To publish a geoprocessing service, you need a result in the Results window

I therefore can't think how an installer would be able to publish a GP service from a python script, as sounds like it is restricted to being published from within ArcGIS for Desktop.

I also believe that it is not possible to achieve publishing a GP service from a GP package either.

My question is, are my assumptions right, and what would be the best workflow for me to share my GP service, so that my end-users can publish it to a GP service in the simplest approach possible.

i.e. I want to avoid any human error, permission issues, and minimise the time and effort it would take for the end-users to publish the service seamlessly to their ArcGIS for Server.


You'll be able to in 10.1 SP1. When you run a geoprocessing tool in Python, its return value is a result object. There will be a new arcpy.CreateGPSDraft function what accepts these result objects and from there the workflow from Python will be exactly the same as it is with map services now.

  • Thanks Jason. Lightning fast response! My deadline will be after SP1 anyhow. Thanks
    – jakc
    Oct 11 '12 at 7:59

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