I am currently using the Map Tip function to display an image when I hover over a point within the canvas. I would like to be able to click on the image to open its folder location. How can I modify the code below to include href and make the image clickable? I would prefer to avoid using the "Actions" function.

%path% = image path

%folder% = folder location

This is the working code I'm using to display the image. <img src="file:///[%Path%]" width="500"/>

I was trying to use href within the code and I was not successful. <a href="file:///[%folder%]"<img scr="file:///[%path%]" width="500"></a>

Working Example

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I have try the following code and it works :

<a href="file:///[%folder%]"><img src="file:///[%path%]"></a>

Are you sure of the names of your fields (especially the case)?


You will need .htaccess file in the folder you have stored images.

  1. Go to the folder and create a new text file.
  2. Write Options+Indexes in the file.
  3. Change the name of the text file to .htaccess.

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