Currently I am importing vector layers (points) to a PostGIS database via QGIS 3.12. Everything works great expect for one part: after the import is complete all my points have a Z value (which is empty on every point "-nan") and they are multipoints not points. The shapefile is directly exported from a tool we use which has no way to set any parameters. Also the data is 2D.

I already saved the shape again before importing without the z coordinates, which is going to destroy the encoding (ä ö ü letters) of my attributes, besides the time-consuming part to save every shapefile again.

Is there any way to set parameters in QGIS before importing to a PostGIS database? For example setting the geometry type and if I want to use x, y and z values?

Do you have a quicker way/idea how I can upload my shapefiles to my database?

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