sDNA always fails when I run prepare network or integral analysis with a bit larger network system. I have to keep the model very small to complete process successfully.

How could I solve this?

enter image description here

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    A tip when posting messages from ArcGIS geoprocessing results: right click on 'Messages' (seen above at the top of the results window) will allow copying them all to paste here as text. – Sideshow Bob Mar 30 '20 at 9:05

The answer is in the sDNA log output posted above:

Error: polyline 81042 has multiple parts
Please run ArcToolbox -> Data Management -> Features -> Multipart to Singlepart to fix the input feature class before running sDNA

Your dataset contains one or more multipart features which must be split into multiple single-part features before running any sDNA tool. ArcGIS "Multipart to singlepart" tool will achieve the desired result.

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