I use QGIS 3.4 as a beginner.

I have a vector layer 'Address' with the fields:

"postalcode" (str)

and a CSV-file with the fields

"section" (int)
"postalcode" (str)
"housenr_low" (int)
"housenr_high" (int)

I want to add the field "section" from the CSV -ile to the 'Address' layer where Address.postalcode = CSV.postcalcode and Address.housenr >= CSV.housenr_low and Address.housenr <= CSV.housenr_high.

I tried "join with the attribute table" and "Join attributes by field value" without success.

How can I do this?

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I found a workaround by using Layer > Add Layer > Add/Edit Virtual Layer... to create first a link tabel with only key fields and in a second step "Join attributes by field value".

But because my case is so common, there must be a beter solution out of the box with QGIS. So I hope an experienced GIS expert tell us how to do this.

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    It is possible to do it in one step but for performance reasons I choose the extra step. The tip for using a Virtual Layer came from editor Taras, my thanks to him.
    – Jan
    Apr 2, 2020 at 7:25

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