I am trying to write a WFS getfeature query for some GeoServer JSON data that returns features that match a part of a string only if the entire word matches. The word can be in the start, middle, or end of the string. I started by using cql_filter, but am returning records that don't match a whole word.

Say I have two features with the following values for AddLocID:

id, AddLocID  
1,  216  
2,  216 72216  
3,  72216 

I want to return features 1 & 2 and not feature 3

Using cql_filter=AddLocID=216 returns only feature 1 and does not match feature 2


Using cql_filter=AddLocID Like 216 returns all 3 features but I only want 1 and 2


How can a write my query so that records 1 and 2 are return that match 216 as a whole word in the string value?

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You can use the isLike function which takes a full Java Rexep for the match. In your case you could use something like:


so that \b matches a word boundary. You may need to experiment with just how many \ will be required for it to work.


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