I have the following layers :

  • Sectors (polygons limited by the black lines)
  • Houses (polygons in light blue)

I have created the area attribute in the Houses table. I have also created an attribute that represents the centroid of the geometry.

I would like to calculate the mean area of Houses located in each sector and add it as an attribute of the Sectors table. A house is considered "in the sector" if its centroid is in the sector (to avoid problems with houses over 2 different sectors).

I don't know how to do this "group by" operation and haven't found answers searching this stack.

ScreenShoot in QGIS, two layers

  • Start with Intersect then try for example Group Stats etc.
    – BERA
    Apr 5, 2020 at 11:29
  • In DB manager you can use SQL on virtual layers.
    – Zoltan
    Apr 5, 2020 at 11:54

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Try this expression on your Sectors layer's attribute table:

aggregate(layer := 'Houses', 
          aggregate:= 'mean', 
          expression:= "area", 
          filter:= within(centroid($geometry), geometry(@parent)))

A quick test output ("ave" field) below:

enter image description here


You can calculate the mean area of houses using the Field Calculator to create a new field in the Sectors layer.

Use this expression

 layer:= 'Houses',
 filter:=contains(geometry(@parent), $geometry)))))
filter:=intersects(geometry(@parent), ($geometry))))

The first part of the expression calculates the sum of all the Houses areas inside each sector. The second part calculates the number of Houses inside the sector. A simple division of the first number by the second will give you the request information

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