I am trying to filter an attribute table in QGIS Print Composer based on the current active atlas feature:

I have a table with an "id" column with and some records that have these values in the "id" column:


My current atlas feature is 048-2 (i.e. @atlas_feature, 'ref' evaluates to "048-2")

I'd like the table to filter (show) only the records that contain "048-2" and may contain more characters after it, so it should filter to this:


If I use the expression:

"id" LIKE attribute ( @atlas_feature, 'ref' )

I only get "048-2" which makes sense.

Filtering by

"id"  LIKE  '048-2%'

gets the results I need.

But how can I filter this table according to my need by using attribute ( @atlas_feature, 'ref' ? – or, where to put the "%" in the following expression?

"id" LIKE attribute ( @atlas_feature, 'ref' )

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Found the answer. One had to add the "%" sign with a concat operator:

"id"  LIKE  concat(attribute ( @atlas_feature, 'ref'),'%')
  • Sometimes it's easier to read by removing as many functions as possible. Not sure if the syntax works but something like this: "id" LIKE attribute(@atlas_feature, 'ref') + '%'
    – alexGIS
    Commented Apr 6, 2020 at 21:56
  • The "+" operator is for values and did not work in this case. I guess we have to explicitly use "concat".
    – BMM
    Commented Apr 9, 2020 at 16:05

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