I am extracting a geometry (type geometry(Geometry,4326)) from a PostGIS database. I managed to plot them from a GeoPandas GeoDataFrame using the following code :

cursor.execute("SELECT id, ST_asText(wkb_geometry) FROM mydb")

for id, geom in cursor:
    data = {'id': id, 'geometry': shapely.wkt.loads(geom)}


Figuring WKB would be more efficient than WKT, I was expecting querying with ST_Binary()/ST_AsEWKB()/ST_AsTWKB() and loading with shapely.wkb.loads(geom) to be equivalent to the above, but it throws a

TypeError: bytes or integer address expected instead of memoryview instance

Why ?

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For some reason, the psycopg2 database driver returns blob values as memoryview objects.

You can convert them into bytes objects with bytes(geom) or geom.tobytes().

This post on the psycpg mailing list shows how to change the returned type of blobs by registering a new type:

def bytea2bytes(value, cur):
    m = psycopg2.BINARY(value, cur)
    if m is not None:
        return m.tobytes()

BYTEA2BYTES = psycopg2.extensions.new_type(
    psycopg2.BINARY.values, 'BYTEA2BYTES', bytea2bytes)

cur.execute("select 'abcdef'::bytea")
cur.fetchone()[0]    # returns b'abcdef'

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