I need to install Whitebox tools in QGIS. I have tried to follow the instructions provided in here but the repo link is broken (https://plugins.bruy.me/plugins/plugins.xml and https://plugins.bruy.me/processing-whitebox.html). The same problem is also mentioned here in this post

I have tried to install the plugin from zip but it did not work. The zip file was download from Github repo.

Is there a working link to the repo or another method of adding the plugin offline in QGIS?


The Whitebox tools repo has been updated.
The following repo link should be used (https://plugins.bruy.me/plugins/plugins.xml)
Then, follow the instructions on this website (https://jblindsay.github.io/wbt_book/qgis_plugin.html) Note that QGIS 3.8 or higher is required to successfully load the plugin

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