What is the difference between the images created after importing with USGS Landsat 8 dialog, in particular, the suffixes _msi and _msitir? I understand that they stand for multispectral image and multispectral image with thermal image, but why are there 2 different versions? What uses are there for each one of them that makes it important to have one file with TIR and the other without?


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As you can see below, Landsat 8 carries two sensors: OLI (Operational Land Imager) and TIRS (Thermal Infra-Red Scanner). The latter features a resolution of 100m instead of the 30m (15m panchromatic) of OLI. I assume that there are two images because of the difference in resolutions.

Comparison of Landsat 7 and 8 bands with Sentinel-2 (NASA)

Source: landsat.gsfc.nasa.gov

Landsat 8 band designations

Source: USGS

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