Trying to setup my first automated mapping project and I need to add a field and then set it to 0. I've tried to use the Calculate Value tool, but I don't have any idea how to actually use this as it is completely different than the field calculator. (I will note I've searched extensively for it, but any example I find are more complex than I need and nothing seems to work).

What does the expression and code block need to be to set the entire Column to 0?

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This is not a use case for the Calculate Value tool which:

returns a value based on a specified Python expression.

However, it is the use case for the Calculate Field tool which:

Calculates the values of a field for a feature class, feature layer, or raster.

Try that in your model and also review the help page on Calculate Field Python examples.

If, after that you are still stuck, then ask a new question, in which you include a picture of your model so far and present any code you have tried as formatted text.

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