I'm new to the Remote Sensing domain and I'm working on Hyperspectral Pansharpening problem. I'm referring to the paper, "Hyperspectral Pansharpening: A review" (link). They have provided the code for different methods discussed in the paper. In the code they are extracting PAN image from HS image using this code:

PRECISION    = 'double';
OFFSET       = 0 ;
INTERLEAVE   = 'bsq';
BYTEORDER    = 'ieee-le';

FILENAME_REF = [p '\REF']; % where you put the data
SIZE_REF     = [395,185,176]; 

%% Generating the HS and PAN image from the reference image
ratio = 5;
overlap = 1:41; % commun bands (or spectral domain) between I_PAN and I_HS
size_kernel=[9 9];
sig = (1/(2*(2.7725887)/ratio^2))^0.5;
start_pos(1)=1; % The starting point of downsampling
start_pos(2)=1; % The starting point of downsampling

I_PAN = mean(I_REF(:,:,overlap),3);


My question is if this is a generic method to generate PAN image from the given image, and if not, then how do I extract PAN image from a given image, for example, Moffett field dataset provided here.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks! If you need more code, I'll be happy to attach here, or you can refer here for all the code.

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