I am currently trying to run a for loop in R that creates las files from a vector of 530 objects (EABplots). I have downloaded lidR, rLiDAR, and the relevant packages that come along with them (sp, raster, etc.), but it still isn't allowing me to run my for loop.

My code:

plots <- seq(1:530)
for(n in 1:length(plots))
  plot.n <- plots[n]
  writeLAS(EABplots[[plot.n]], filename = paste(plot.n, ".las",  sep = ""))

Error Message:

  Error in writeLAS(EABplots[[plot.n]], filename = paste(plot.n, ".las",  : 
  unused argument (filename = paste(plot.n, ".las", sep = ""))

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There is no argument filename in writeLAS(). The signature of writeLAS() is

writeLAS(las, file)

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