I already used DotSpatial in a few projects. It is fine for reading/writing shapefiles, clipping etc..

According to the DotSpatial documentation, it is possible, to create WebGis projects, but I wonder why I cannot find any on the Web? Also, I wasn't able to find any tutorial for it. On GitHub there is a sample project called DemoWeb (https://github.com/DotSpatial/DotSpatial/tree/master/Source/Examples/DemoWEB) but I wasn't able to get it running.

Any hints?


Okay I lost quite a few hours navigating and finally found this: https://github.com/DotSpatial/DotSpatial/issues/951

The developers themselves decided no longer to describe the DotSpatial libtrabies to be Web-compatible. They are perfect for Desktop GIS but the Web Components need to be updated. The text is from 2017 so I don't know whether a better version is available.

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