I want to run this expression; Note that it should be raised to power1/3. '[Band5*(256-Band4)*(Band5-Band4)+1]"^"(1/3)', {

And I'm getting this error; Image.parse Expression: Expression parse error at character 0: '[Band5*(256-Band4)*(Band5-Band4)+1]"^"(1/3)' ^. Is my expression correct?

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In the expression language of Image.expression, exponentiation is **, not ^, and you cannot use square brackets for grouping, only parentheses. So, your expression would be written as

image.expression('(Band5 * (256-Band4) * (Band5-Band4) + 1) ** (1/3)', {
  'Band5': ...,
  'Band4': ...
  • Thanks for the response. It was very helpful.
    – Merceline
    Apr 20, 2020 at 20:12

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