I have a line shapefile in GeoPandas. How can I extract the start and end coordinates as (x,y) pairs in two separate columns?

import geopandas as gpd
gdf = gpd.read_file(pth_line_shapefile)
gdf['start_coordinates_XY'] = gdf.apply(lambda x: [y[0] for y in x['geometry'].coords], axis=1)

The above code extracts X coordinates of all points in the geometry not the first point (in x,y format)

An example line shapefile linked here


This can make it:

import geopandas as gpd
from shapely.geometry import Point, LineString
line1 = LineString([Point(0,0), Point(-1,-1), Point(2,-3), Point(4,5)])
line2 = LineString([Point(-2,8), Point(7,4), Point(0,-1), Point(0,2)])
gdf = gpd.GeoDataFrame(
    {'City': ['Buenos Aires','Rio de Janeiro'],
     'Country': ['Argentina', 'Brazil'], 'geometry': [line1, line2]})

gdf['first'] = None
gdf['last'] = None

for index, row in gdf.iterrows():
    coords = [(coords) for coords in list(row['geometry'].coords)]
    first_coord, last_coord = [ coords[i] for i in (0, -1) ]
    gdf.at[index,'first'] = Point(first_coord)
    gdf.at[index,'last'] = Point(last_coord)

Which results in:


You can tweak that to suit what ever format your need for your points...


Coordinate values are accessed via coords, x, y, and z properties.



Gillies, S. others.(2007). Shapely: Manipulation and analysis of geometric objects. toblerity. org.

  • Perfect! Thanks a lot.
    – PPR
    Apr 17 '20 at 17:26

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