Is it possible to use an equality filter for a FeatureCollection in GEE based on multiple values? I understand how to filter by one value:


But what if I wanted to filter by a list of values? Something like:

var lis = ee.List(['VALUE1', 'VALUE2', 'VALUE3']);

Is it possible to apply this to equality filter? I tried to do the following:


It ran, but didn't work.


The inList filter is what you want for looking for any value in a list:

collectionName.filter(ee.Filter.inList('COLUMN', lis))

If instead you want to use several filters (so that you can use other conditions than equality, or multiple properties), you can use ee.Filter.or:

  ee.Filter.eq('COLUMN', 'VALUE1')
    .or(ee.Filter.eq('COLUMN', 'VALUE2'))
    .or(ee.Filter.eq('COLUMN', 'VALUE3')))

This is the same as the first filter but can be changed to look at different properties, for example. If you already have a simple list of values, inList is the right tool.

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