I see this discussion that one can change the default QGIS project format back to the text based .qgs. But there is no detail. Quoting the discussion:

There is an option to start QGIS with another default setting file



You can have a look at how the french ministry of ecology handles this issue here: http://www.geoinformations.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/qgis-package-3-4-2-pour-test-a3662.html

But the linked page does not mention .qgs.

Does any one have a complete answer on how to change QGIS 3 default to use the old .qgs format?

(as of QGIS 3.12, Ubuntu 18.04).


Based on the changelog of QGIS 3.12, there is an option to change the default QGIS project to .qgs:

enter image description here

Check the above image, it is located at the bottom of General tab.

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