I have a PostGIS table with millions of points (x,y,z,time).

I have to develop a web app with the ArcGIS JavaScript API, to make some statistics like this application: https://ycabon.github.io/presentations/2019-devsummit/Working-With-Your-Data-Using-the-ArcGIS-API-for-JavaScript-Feature-Layer/demos/4_client-side_statistics/index.html

I cannot find any sharing method in ArcGIS Pro, except to copy as layerPackage. And, as a layerPackage in Portal fort AE, I can not find any option to create a FeatureLayer to use in my app.

Which is the best method to publish PostGIS data in Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise for using with ArcGIS JavaScript API 4?

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You have to register your PostGIS Db as a Data store with the ArcGIS Server. Then you can simply reference the file to create a portal item entry. See this link on how to add the data store: https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/manage-data/windows/registering-your-data-with-arcgis-server-using-manager.htm

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