I am using QGIS 3.4 on Ubuntu 18.04. I have a county wide city boundary polygon layer and a county wide building footprint polygon layer. I would like to select all the buildings that are within a selected city polygon. Both datasets share the same CRS.
When I use Vector - Research Tools - Select by Location the tool returns no selected features but it does return the error below. On investigation I see that you can set the Processing Options - General - Invalid features filtering setting to ignore features with invalid geometries. This setting has no effect on the tool which again, returns no selection. I have used the Fix Geometries tool in the Processing Toolbox but still no selection is returned. Why can I not perform a select by location on these data?

Processing algorithm…
Algorithm 'Select by location' starting…
Input parameters:
{ 'INPUT' : 'MultiPolygon? crs=EPSG:2285&field=YEAR:double(18,11)&field=TYPE:string(25,0)&field=NAME:string(50,0)&field=NUM_FLOORS:double(18,11)&field=APPRAISAL:double(18,11)&field=BLDGTYPE:string(20,0)&field=YRBUILT:double(18,11)&field=STYLE:string(20,0)&field=SF_1ST:double(18,11)&field=SF_2ND:double(18,11)&field=SF_3RD:double(18,11)&field=SF_ATTIC:double(18,11)&field=SF_LOFT:double(18,11)&field=TOTAL_SF:double(18,11)&field=SF_BASEMEN:double(18,11)&field=OWNER:string(50,0)&field=GLOBALID:string(38,0)&field=RuleID:long(10,0)&field=created_us:string(254,0)&field=created_da:date(10,0)&field=last_edite:string(254,0)&field=last_edi_1:date(10,0)&field=SHAPE_Leng:double(18,11)&field=SHAPE_Area:double(18,11)&uid={d01536ed-3181-4ec9-9044-7f52e58136b0}', 'INTERSECT' : QgsProcessingFeatureSourceDefinition('WhatcomCityLimits_beaad58e_2210_456a_b1ba_0e407406cef5', True), 'METHOD' : 0, 'PREDICATE' : [0] }

Feature (7) has invalid geometry and has been skipped. Please fix the geometry or change the Processing setting to the "Ignore invalid input features" option.
Execution completed in 0.08 seconds
{'OUTPUT': <qgis._core.QgsVectorLayer object at 0x7fa7a888b5e8>}

Loading resulting layers
Algorithm 'Select by location' finished

Edited: Setting the processing option to Do Not Filter allowed the Select by Location to process although I do not understand why Ingnore invalid inputs did not.

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