I want to place text anywhere, as though it were part of a tile, no text box around it, and "shown on opening" (ie, show=True).

I don't see any text overlays in the documentation: https://python-visualization.github.io/folium/modules.html

Pure Leaflet appears to allow something like the "sweet static label" on display here: http://leaflet.github.io/Leaflet.label The code for this is:

var m = L.marker([-37.785, 175.263], {draggable:true}).bindLabel('A sweet static label!', { noHide: true })

That's better. But I would like text only.


I've never used Folium, but since I'm familiar with Leaflet, I was able to quickly find what you are looking for: folium.features.DivIcon. Description says: Represents a lightweight icon for markers that uses a simple div element instead of an image.

Since content of DivIcon is a simple HTML <div> element, you can put anything you want in it.


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