I'm trying to do some conditional formatting of an attribute table using Field Calculator. I tried using code below, but am not getting any returns that meet conditions specified (even though the conditions exist). What am I doing wrong? I am new to coding, so please assume I am ignorant to obvious mistakes.

My steps so far:

  1. Created a new field "Raster_code" (this is the field where I am using field calculator)
  2. Open field calculator, set parser to Python, enter the following pre-logic script:
    if 'BGCLMTCLBL' == 'AT' and 'STSRSLBLC1' == '00':
        return 1
        return 0

Note: "BGCLMTCLBL" and "STSRSLBLC1" are two separate fields. I want to locate records containing a certain combination of values from these respective fields

  1. Enter the following in the Raster_code block:

The result I get is 0 for all records-- in other words, the conditions were not met.

Here is a screenshot of the above-noted fields in my attribute table. screenshot of attribute table


You need to remove the quotes around the field names on second row:

    if BGCLMTCLBL == 'AT' and STSRSLBLC1 == '00':
        return 1
        return 0

If not you are asking python if the string 'BGCLMTCLBL' is the same as 'AT' which it isnt. BGCLMTCLBL without quotes is the variable holding your field values.

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  • Note that ALLCAPS variable names are not best practice in Python. – Vince Apr 24 at 20:26

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